We design the future of naval architecture

7Waves’s wide-ranging experience within structural engineering, hydrodynamics, and marine operations allow for efficient and flexible approaches and expert solutions.

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To deliver top quality services, 7Waves relies on motivated and skilled personnel. As a member of our team you can expect to navigate a range of challenging structural and hydrodynamical problems alongside highly competent colleagues. We have offices in Son and in Barcode in Oslo.

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We solve structural problems at sea

Structural analysis

  • Global and local FEM analysis
  • ULS, ALS and FLS analysis
  • Main scantling analysis and optimization
  • Lifting and transportation analysis
  • Conversion, life extension and FEEDs for FPSOs and FSOs
  • Post-analysis member and tubular joint code checking
  • Calculation of shear and moment diagrams

Structural design

  • Sea fastening design and concept development
  • Design of offshore fish farms according to relevant codes
  • Design of tower grillage, blade stacks and nacelle supports for wind carriers
  • Design of FPSOs and semi-submersibles
  • Optimization for compliance to codes including API, AISC, EC, ISO, DNV, and NORSOK

Hydrodynamic analysis

  • Site specific hydrodynamic motion and load analysis
  • Wave load analysis
  • Mooring and green sea analysis

Digital twin

  • Structural and environmental load monitoring
  • Weather based response forecast

Survey and inspection

  • Vessel valuation reports
  • Sales and purchase inspections
  • Hull inspection and repair

Hull design

  • Weight distribution and stability studies
  • Concept design and layout
  • Steel optimization
  • 3D modelling and 2D structural drawings

Future marine structures

Combining full scale monitoring of structural motion and deformation with real time data of environmental loads, we can calibrate and develop increasingly accurate analysis models for design of ultra large structures.

Selected projects

Fred. Olsen Windcarrier

Hohe See and Albatros wind farms

Design and documentation of sea fastening structures

NSK Ship Design

Havfarm 1

Structural design and analysis, hydrodynamic analysis


LNG FSU Bechevinskaya Bay in Kamchatka

Mooring analysis