Mechanical engineering

7Waves offers expertise in mechanical engineering, non-linear analysis, advanced 3D printing, and precision prototyping solutions.

Bolted connections and hinges​

  • Design of bolted connection according to recognized standards (e.g. Eurocode 3, AISC, DNV, etc)
  • Custom hinges and mechanical connections
  • Non-linear analysis of pre-loaded connections

Non-linear mechanical analysis

  • Contacts
  • Plasticity and material non-linearities
  • Ship collisions, dropped object and explosion loads
  • Vibrations
  • Thermo-mechanics​

Marine operations

  • Marine operations and equipment design
  • Seafastening solutions
  • Installation aids
  • Net handling​
  • Design process closely integrated with standards requirements, hydrodynamics and structural analysis​

Polymers and composites​

  • Material selection
  • Component design
  • FE analysis and structural verification

3D printing and rapid prototyping

  • Large scale prototyping (up to 1000 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm)
  • Wide range of materials including ABS, PLA and flexible TPU

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