Hydrodynamic and structural engineering

7Waves provides a multitude of services within hydrodynamic engineering and structural engineering. Please see the subsections below for examples.

Structural analysis

  • Global and local FEM analysis
  • ULS, ALS and FLS analysis
  • Main scantling analysis and optimization
  • Lifting and transportation analysis
  • Conversion, life extension and FEEDs for FPSOs and FSOs
  • Post-analysis member and tubular joint code checking
  • Calculation of shear and moment diagrams

Structural design

  • Sea fastening design and concept development
  • Design of offshore fish farms according to relevant codes
  • Design of tower grillage, blade stacks and nacelle supports for wind carriers
  • Design of FPSOs and semi-submersibles
  • Optimization for compliance to codes including API, AISC, EC, ISO, DNV, and NORSOK
  • Advanced 3D modelling and 2D structural drawings

Hull design

  • Weight distribution and stability studies
  • Concept design and layout
  • Steel optimization
  • Advanced 3D modelling and 2D structural drawings

Hydrodynamic analysis

  • Wave load analysis
  • Green sea analysis
  • Lifting and transportation analysis

Marine operations

  • Marine operations and equipment design
  • Seafastening solutions
  • Installation aids
  • Net handling​
  • Design process closely integrated with standards requirements, hydrodynamics and structural analysis​

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