Mooring and SURF

7Waves are specialists in using both Orcaflex and Sima for coupled mooring and riser analysis. Our extensive knowledge of the SESAM software for hydrodynamic modeling and analysis ensures precise control of all inputs to the coupled analysis.

Mooring system design

  • Design of jetty, spread-, or turret based mooring systems
  • Design of chain, wire and fibre rope mooring systems
  • Shallow and deep water mooring system design

Mooring system analysis

  • Coupled analyses covering ULS, ALS and FLS
  • Mooring system analysis concept to execution, including class approval and transient effect analysis
  • Mooring system layout and arrangement
  • Mooring system cost estimation
  • Mooring installation engineering
  • Anchor type selection, design and sizing

Hull integration

  • Hull integration of chain stopper structures

SURF and riser analyses

  • Interference analysis between risers and mooring lines
  • Riser health checks analysis
  • Global (SIMA & Orcaflex) and local analysis of risers
  • Wellhead fatigue analysis, with and without WLR system
  • Operational window analysis and selection of drilling equipment
    • Jack-up over jacket/platforms
    • Semi-subs
  • FLS analysis as per App. D in DNV-RP-C203
  • Fatigue life extension
  • XTM & BOP installation using marine riser or drilling strings
  • Work-over operation analysis as per ISO 13628-7, e.g. TH installation, running of TH, etc.
  • Flexible riser, cables and umbilical analysis including local ULS, FLS and ALS analysis (Helica)
  • VIV analysis of marine risers for FLS

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